What To Wear To Thanksgiving Dinner With Family

Thanksgiving Day is this week, Ladies! And with that season of holiday parties begin. Traditionally we celebrate in the comfort of our homes surrounded by family. Informal atmosphere is calling for comfortable outfit, but what if we still want to compete for that "best dressed" title? Truth is - to be "best dressed" you don`t need to wear the best dress.

We recommend to wear something comfortable this year: simple solid color jersey or sweater dress will do perfectly. They are warm, soft, cozy and you don`t need to worry about the dinner belly. It also will create ideal background for statement accessories. 

We recommend wearing longer and larger size statement necklace with a scoop neck dress. From filigree metal to beads - choice is yours, no right or wrong here.
Not a necklace person? Large earrings and a cuff will work as good. 
Wear jewelry with texture and color. Remember, you don`t have to stay in the same color pallet. Contrast color will make the outfit fun!
So here you have it! No need to run from store to store in search of a perfect dress. Right accessories get as much attention if not more. Happy Thanksgiving! 
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